Led light star curtain for event decoration
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The LED star curtain is designed for indoor applications. It is really an indispensable tool for stage, theatre, TV studio, theme events, nigh club, hotel banqueting halls, conference room, wedding, home parties etc.
This star curtain system can make surprising and fabulous effects .The curtain is made from heavy duty cloth. It is flame retardant (SGS certified), easy to maintain and clean. The curtain is finished with Velcro on all four sides to allow free connection of many curtains in any configuration to create a larger curtain. Grommets are also available at four sides.

led light bakdrop drapery curtain

You can run the Star LED controller at Stand Alone mode, or Sound Activation mode. Our led star curtains are made to orders. The most popular sizes are 6*4m, 8*3m, 7*5m and 10*3m.We use black and white fabric for led star curtains.

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