High quality Cable Ramp for events and festivals
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Besides pipe drape, stage, dance floor, truss, flight cases, cable ramp is also a very important equipment especially for outdoor events. Protecting cables and ensuring a safety makes them an important addition to many events and environments.

Mostly the cable ramp will be used for Events and festivals - They provide an affordable cable management solution. Made from rubber they are suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic and wheeled equipment.Perfect for outdoor festivals where cars and pedestrians may be crossing over equipment cables and wires.

RK the pipe and drape manufacturer has many sizes options of cable ramp as below:

Cable Ramp
Items Version Item&Model No. Sizes Channels
Normal Cable Ramp 2 Channels RKCRN2C 1000mm × 250mm × 50mm 2 Channels × 30×30mm
3 Channels RKCRN3C 1000mm × 310mm × 55mm 3 Channels × 35×35mm
4 Channels RKCRN4C 800mm × 400mm × 55mm 4 Channels × 40×40mm
5 Channels RKCRN5C 770mm × 485mm × 65mm 4 Channels 40×40mm + 1 Channels 42×18mm
Extre Large Cable Ramp 2 Channels RKCRL2C 900mm × 615mm × 105mm 2 Channels × 90×90mm
3 Channels RKCRL3C 900mm × 600mm × 75mm 3 Channels × 60×50mm
5 Channels RKCRL5C 900mm × 600mm × 75mm 5 Channels × 50×40mm
Corner Cable Ramp 2 Channels-Normal RKCRN2C-90C3 320mm × 250mm × 50mm 3pc × 30° =  90°corner
3 Channels-Normal RKCRN3C-90C3 300mm × 310mm × 55mm 3pc × 30° =  90°corner
5 Channels-Normal RKCRN5C-90C3 350mm × 485mm × 65mm 3pc × 30° =  90°corner
3 Channels-Large RKCRL3C-90C2 900mm × 600mm × 75mm 2pc × 45° = 90°corner
5 Channels-Large RKCRL5C-90C2 620mm × 600mm × 75mm 2pc × 45° = 90°corner

cable ramp

cable ramp

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