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  • Immediate ramped protection for cables
  • Suitable for outdoor events and construction sites
  • Each protector can be interlinked to form a continuous cable protector
  • Ramp has a hinged lid to allow cable insertion
  • Connected units do not require ground fixings
  • For permanent installations, bolt holes are provided
  • Supplied in 1000 x 600 mm sections
  • Designed for heavy goods and vehicles and tested with axle loads up to 6000kg
  • Not recommended for use with fork trucks or vehicles with heavy point loads
  • Colour - black / yellow / red

1. 2-channel
· Normal Cable Ramp : 1000x250x50mm;  channel size: 30x30mm 
· Extre Large Cable Ramp : 900x615x105m;  channel size: 90x90mm 
· Net Weight: 10.5KG/ pcs


2. 3-channel 
· Normal Cable Ramp: 1000x310x55mm;  channel size: 35x35mm

·  Extre Large Cable Ramp  900x600x75mm; channel size:60x50mm
· Net Weight: 14.5KG/ pcs


3. 4-channel

· Normal Cable Ramp:800x400x55mm; channel size: 40x40mm


4. 5-channel 
· Normal Cable Ramp  770x485x65mm;  middle channel size: 42x18mm; both size: 40x40mm

·  Extre Large Cable Ramp  900x600x75mm; channel size: 50x40mm
· Net Weight: 19KG/ pcs


5. Corner Cable Ramp-Accessories

2-channel : 320x250x50mm;  90°corner

3-channel : 900x600x75mm;90°corner

5-channel : 900x600x75mm;  90°corner

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